Customs Clearance

All goods imported into Bermuda must be cleared through H.M. Customs upon arrival.

An Invoice, Order Confirmation and Packing List are required in order for us to prepare and properly complete and present the Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD). Invoices and Order Confirmations should be legible, clearly indicating the invoiced items with appropriate values and currency, as well as displaying the supplier's logo or letterhead.

Each commodity is allocated its own classification number and subject to that published rate of duty.

All items arriving must pay the applicable duty rate based on the value of the goods invoiced.

A wharfage fee is also payable to Bermuda Customs, of 1.25% of the value of the goods invoiced arriving via Air, Ocean or Courier.

The Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD) must be stamped and approved by H.M. Customs before goods can be released. There are specific guidelines on clearing personal effects and Duty Free items.

H.M. Customs reserves the right to inspect all and any shipments prior to release and if deemed to warrant further inspection, they may request any Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Full Loads (LCL) be inspected by an H.M. Customs Officer at the time of stripping or prior to release.


Prohibited and restricted items

Call or email Roger, Susana, Tracey, or Isobel for any clarifications needed or questions you may have. (441) 292-9649 ext. 201 (441) 292-9649 ext. 204 (441) 292-9649 ext. 207 (441) 292-9649 ext. 206